About Me

Energising | Educating | Encouraging

Hi, I’m Helena,

If I was allowed only to do five things in the world, this is what I’d say I do:

I teach


I coach

I guide

I write


I learn

These five things are the mainstay of what gives me joy, what inspires me to contribute, what drives me to create.  

The gift I have and now (finally!) share is to light the way for people, to light them up, to hold a space for them to grow, to say a tiny thing and watch it blossom into something else, to nudge, prod, kick or simply wait in love for people show up as who they are so they can do what they are meant to do, what they have probably been dreaming of doing.

I love …

… eating with friends, laughing, live music, great theater, a guitar solo, raspberries, sand under my toes, a clear night sky full of stars, playful running dogs, teaching, great food made with care, comfort food made with love, shared food with company, board games, The Princess Bride, singing 80s tunes because the words are still in my head (!), my sister, my nieces, teaching people something and seeing the aha moment land, organising something, making something, diy (seriously! I do!), lego, reading a long novel in one go, making food with other people, dancing, hugs, hot chocolate, colourful scarves, sofas in cinemas, smiling at people to see who smiles back…. you get the idea…I love a great experience, I love learning something new, I love teaching and holding space for people and most of all I love a great question – one that makes you think and feel right to the core of you …

Helena The Trainer

Training is the golden thread that joins all the things I’ve done in the past, it’s in my DNA to teach, to stop and share, to make sure that people have ‘got’ whatever it is that’s being said or taught.

What matters to me is that people understand, so they can make more informed choices.

Since I was 4 years old in the playground, I’ve been explaining, providing clarity, drawing diagrams, using examples and setting up the energy so people can learn more and more easily. I became a trainer at TGI Friday’s, where I eventually opened 17 restaurants doing exactly this. I ended up adding thousands of pounds the bottom line of The Video Meeting company, by building a training component in, I spent over 4 years delivering and strategically managing training at the London Fire Brigade.

And all of these, I ‘fell’ into – naturally letting my curiosity and desire for harmony through understanding lead the way to open the next new door and possibility.

It seems obvious now that my own company is founded on the principles of teaching, coaching and guiding people to be their best selves – through training them how to run themselves and their businesses well!

She wants you to be successful!

Helena is very clear on what she wants your outcomes to be. She wants you to be successful! Quickly identifying the real issues and ensuring you do the work to achieve the results you desire. She is a bundle of infectious energy and great to work with.

Speaking & Running Workshops

I am happiest when I’m speaking to small or big crowds of people, or running workshops where people can learn and grow. Inspiring people to connect the dots. Helping to ask that question that turns around everything. Practically developing skills. Professionally moving you forward beyond your doubts.

Fun facts about me

I now live in the countryside, yet I was always a city girl – only swapping grey for green a short while ago.

I have a dog and a cat. I have a man to share adventures with. I like folk music. I actually like most music.

I helped to build a little house in Chile. I’ve opened 17 restaurants. I’ve trained 1000’s of people (that’s still weird to write/say!).  I wobble on bicycles.

I own 1000s of books. I’ve not read them all.  They are all adventures waiting in the wings. I buy more anyway!

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