Don't stay stuck, lost, overwhelmed or worn out. 

I provide deep support for those in transition, whether that's a challenge that's been imposed on you, or embracing a change you've been wanting to make for longer than you'd care to admit.

Let me help you make progress towards your dreams.

Let me help you Succeed As You.

Let me Help You SHINE

You deserve to live with joy!

Join the Fire Up & Feel Alive Community today

Get the support, resources and connection you need to feel energised, educated and inspired to do great things!

Wondering where your mojo's gone?

  • Are you feeling unclear as to what you want your next steps to be?
  • Have you lost your self-belief and motivation?
  • Do you have ideas for your business and or your growth, but you are scared to be ambitious or unsure how to bring them to fruition?
  • Maybe you want to go in a new direction personally, but don't quite have the courage or conviction to give it a go?

Work with me to address all those valid feelings of:

  • Confusion and indecisiveness
  • Feeling demotivated and unguided
  • Lacking clarity or having clear path
  • Being unable to define success or know how to reach it

Let me help you. Let me guide, coach, prod, push, nudge, boot and encourage you to drive your life and business forwards - because I want you to make the most of your one dear, precious life.

You deserve to feel positive (again) and to gain back clarity about what you can achieve.

A lot can change in 15 minutes...

You are brilliant  - and I believe in you…

I believe we are all shining examples of light. We are here for a purpose. We are unique:

  • in our perspectives
  • in what gives us joy
  • in what makes us laugh and cry
  • in how we show up in the world
  • in what we bring to the world.

I also believe so many people don’t fulfill their potential because of numerous (mostly self-imposed) barriers and a lack of self-belief. I think that's sad, and also wasteful because I know it doesn't need to be that way. If you've hit 'SLOW', it's time for you to get back on track.

Let me support you: I'll hold space for you

Let me resource you: train, teach and guide you

Let me connect you: you'll see all that you are and can be

Trust me to believe in you and everything you have ever wished to achieve...

                 ...until you trust yourself to do that.

Helena with tea

 Get the clarity, certainty, confidence and courage you need to Succeed As You

Which way of working with me will suit you best?

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Communities and Programmes

The regular meet-ups and structured programmes, online and in-person. Each one is set up to provide support, resources and connection.

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Workshops & Courses

Explore my extensive range of workshops which offer specific focused training to help you 'succeed as you' in life and business.

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One-to-one support

My brain and experience, your desires and dreams, all explored in a safe and spacious creative container. From 2 hours to 12 months, what will you create?

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Deep Dive Retreats

When you are ready to instigate a change or handle a challenge, one of the retreats is a great way to kickstart your life and business dreams again.

"Helena is an absolute treasure!
Her positivity and energy, and her unwavering belief in the brilliance and beauty of humans is infectious and addictive. Use her in any way you can! She will enhance your business and your life ????"

– Orit Huntley, Founder of Meadowside Osteopathy –

"Helena is intuitive and so on-point, it's like she literally sees your soul and what you do so she knows exactly what you need and how to help you."

– Deborah McPhilemy, Founder –

"Helena is an amazing person with so much energy and knowledge which is very much part of the appeal of belonging to the club, as it helps create fantastic energetic meetings where we are able to learn and be involved in supporting each other."

– Karen Bashford, business coach –

"Helena Holrick is absolutely awesome to work with. Recently I worked with Helena to build my Facebook tribe. She helped me to create greater structure and more importantly give me greater direction in my business. I realised I had brilliant clarity, yet I didn't quite have the direction to take my business forward until I worked with Helena. I highly recommend working with this incredible lady, it's one of the best investments in my business I've made, plus she's an all round gorgeous soul ❤"

– Finn Goddard, Reiki Master –

"Helena can help you get out of your own way when you feel stuck and offer you a sense of inquiry to ask the right questions when making big decisions. She has a sense of warmth and compassion and offers suggestions from her own life experiences which help you see what's possible."

– Terri Heighington, Wealth Manger –

"I'm really not a "need a life coach" kinda girl ... but I loved Helena from the second I met her! Super smart, super lovely and super supportive and good at what she does....!! When I left corporate life and set up my business, I knew what I loved doing and the kind of work I wanted to do... but in less than a minute of conversation, Helena helped me create perfect clarity on my vision and ambition (I still have that vision written on my wall almost a year later and it inspires me every day to step up and be the kind of person I truly want to be).... Cannot recommend highly enough. If you are serious about living the best possible life for you, go talk to her!"

- Kelly Ann Teasdale, Marketing Expert -


What people say I'm great at...

"Facilitating a safe space with warmth and encouragement"

"Getting people into flow, and doing things they think they can't"

"Breaking my overwhelm into tiny workable pieces"

"You intuitively find structure in any idea and turn it it into something that can be shared or sold"

"You make me feel like my ideas are exciting and can work!"