One for the bloggers! For those of you that regularly show up in writing and not so much in the visual world.  Lumen 5 is a great resource that lets you re-purpose your words. This wonderful (free) software takes your blog post or article (via it’s URL) and turns it into a lovely little video.  A video full of  your blogs core concepts and messages, ready to share on any of the social platforms you are on.

It’s an easy resource to use (drag and drop), easy to learn (yay) and the effects are great. If you know that you’ve written something that’s really good, turn it into a video and see the difference in the attention it gets.

How to use it:

Lumen 5 works by pulling the full blog text into manageable sentences on the left side of your screen inside the software. You pull each sentence onto an image. You can modify or use these sentences directly as individual ‘slides’. These form the basis of your video. Add your own photos in the backgrounds or use the library available.  Modify the fonts and colours of text to fit your brand.  Add music (choose from their selection). You can even add your own intro and outro snippets. The result? Your words turn into a visual story to capture more attention.

In a weird way, Lumen 5 actually helped us hone our writing style too! You learn to write shorter, punchier sentences. And to create a video from one of your articles can take as little as 5-10 minutes. The results are fabulous and your concepts are now ready to be presented to a whole new audience! I love this resource that makes my life easier and my world prettier.