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I love to teach, to guide, to coach – and whether it’s a talk, a workshop, a conversation, a group coaching situation – this is where I shine.

I love to make sure that you ‘get’ the next point or step in your journey. I’d be delighted if you come join me at one of the events below. These are updated regularly, and whilst many are where I’m directly speaking or teaching, others are actually recommendations for workshops by other people that I whole-heartedly endorse.

I do not do this lightly – these recommendations are highly likely to be clients, peers, and colleagues of mine that will always provide a high-value contribution to your personal and professional growth.  I hope to see you at an event, workshop or talk soon.

Talks and Speaking Gigs

Here you’ll find all the upcoming gigs and talks I’m doing over the next little while. There are a few different types, so have a browse, see if I’m in your area soon. I can pack a lot into even a ten-minute opportunity to teach.  And if you want me to come speak to your crowd, get in touch.

My Workshops

Want to come to a workshop, roll up your sleeves and get more familiar with yourself, your business and what you need to do to grow you or it to the next level? Look no further, check out the list and choose what’s next for you!

Recommended Events

There is so much to know and learn in this life of ours, and here you’ll find a selection of amazing knowledgable, skilled people whom I endorse and support, because I know you’ll enjoy AND learn.  You’ll also find a list of things that I’m likely to go visit that are of interest to me on a personal and professional level.  Every person recommended is a personal contact and yes, sometimes I get a little ‘kiss’ in return for the recommendation.

Tiny Teaches

If you’ve been in my world for a while, you’ll know that I can’t NOT teach. Even when teaching one thing, another foundational principle or model needs to be communicated so I’m now known for doing the ‘tiny teach’ within a teach. Here you’ll find some fundamental Tiny Teaches that will start you learning immediately, from the comfort of your own home. 

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein

Upcoming Events

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How can I get to know you better?

Connect with  me via the Contact Page on here, or reach out to me on social media – Facebook usually gets you a response within an hour or two (unless of course I’m running a workshop!)

Where can I find out how to work with you?

Check out my ‘work’ site www.helpingyoushine.com/services .

Do you do life coaching?

I mostly work with people around their life purpose made manifest in the work they do. What that usually means is that anyone I take on who wants to ground themselves in who they are first, usually ends up doing some professional or business coaching eventually !

Are you REALLY Danish?

I really am – it’s just that I’ve been in the UK for so long now that I blend in beautifully! It gives me an edge, an openess, a vulnerability and a positive outlook on life that is not quite ‘British’ When people find out they usually say AH! as if that explains everything (which I find funny!)

What's with the love of cake?!

I like nice things. Espcially to eat. Food is nourishment and cake is a little sample of heaven. Someone in their imagination whipped up (see what I did there!?) out of nowhere an idea of combining sugar, flour, and other fundamental things, add in a few magic individual components and Voila! there you have something unique and delicious. Just like a business really.

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