Patience or Push?

Patience or Push?

They say that Patience is a virtue.

I’ve found whilst this is true, there’s a time and place to Push too.  Patience or Push is a choice.  Patience allows us to see what unfolds. It allows us the space to evaluate a next action, let’s us get our bearings. Push allows us to move into action and sees what results a next action gets us, from which we can then evaluate.

Push and Patience are two sides of the same coin.

Sometimes we employ Patience in the hope of getting a different result – waiting to hear, see or feel a different thing to what is currently happening. That’s not real Patience, that’s wishful thinking. And when Push is actually a better option.  Sometimes we employ Push in the hope of making something happen that is not yet ready to happen. That’s not real Push, that’s forcing things to be the way you want them to be. And usually that’s a time when using Patience is a better option.

Patience and Push are attitudes. They allow us to gather information in very different ways.

Patience helps us through stopping for long enough to make sure we are taking the right next step for us.  Patience gives us the space to see what MIGHT happen, gives us the time to THINK THROUGH what all the options are and then to choose.  Push helps us to get past our procrastinating selves and into action. Which gives us the evidence for what DOES happen, and gives us the RESULT that taking one option creates.  BOTH have their merits.

Some of us employ more Patience than PUSH…and may be considered procrastinators as a result. And if you’ve ever been called a fool hardy,  risk taking crazy person, the chances are that you are more prone to PUSH. Both get results. Both are useful. The trick is to understand when to use one or the other so YOU can progress in whatever you are doing.



Helena Holrick

Coach, Trainer, Author and Personal Development Guide Helena has worked in private and public organisations, training 1000s of people to become their best selves in some way or other. For a number of years, she opened Restaurants for TGI Friday’s. Giving that up for the world of video conferencing and then joining London Fire Brigade, she eventually started her own company where she now gets to personally and professionally guide speakers, authors, tree-shakers, and change-makers to grow their visions and their businesses beyond anything they imagined. With a solid love of learning, teaching, and writing, she now spends her time running workshops and holding space for people to progress at their pace, encouraging them to get brave and get going with a blend of love and kicking butt.

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