On Being Original – Don’t get stopped in your tracks!

On Being Original – Don’t get stopped in your tracks!

I know so many (smart, funny, wise) people who suffer from a condition that stops them dead in their tracks. Not being original or #notOriginal-itis can debilitate people who are otherwise incredibly knowledgeable and have so much to share. Ask them a question on paper, or to commit to writing something and suddenly they look at you like you’ve offered to boil their cat. Or dance naked at their wedding. Or something equally momentous.  I know what’s happening. It happens to far more of us than we care to admit.

They suffer from the thought that EVERYTHING THEY SAY IN BLACK AND WHITE HAS TO BE ‘ORIGINAL’ – ie the first of it’s kind, earth-shattering wisdom that rocks the world of all those that happen to see it.  So they don’t write anything. They procrastinate. They draft and screw up their attempts – their real or virtual bins need emptying and still nothing happens on the real page. This makes me feel so sad. Because actually, we are ALL original. All our words are tempered by the who that we are. So that in itself makes us original.

We worry so much about having something new to say. Not being ‘original’ can paralyze some of us. The pressure of saying something novel, something that no-one has said before is immense and can stop us sharing the goodness that is in us and that IS us.

Here’s my response to that: LET. IT. GO.

Accept that all you say IS original. Because you are being authentic and real and you and individual.

You are your own you. With your own insights, opinions and viewpoints.  And THOSE my friend are what makes all that you say ORIGINAL.

One set of dictionary definitions says that the word original means (when used as an adjective) present or existing from the beginning. The other is that it’s been created by a particular person /artist / musician/ writer etc. That’s you – genuine, authentic, true, real pukka, bona fide, not copied you.

So, say what you want, be your original self, and say it how you want to say it – whatever it is!

#permission, #confidence, #yourvoice, #bemoreyou, #shineandrise

Helena Holrick

Coach, Trainer, Author and Personal Development Guide Helena has worked in private and public organisations, training 1000s of people to become their best selves in some way or other. For a number of years, she opened Restaurants for TGI Friday’s. Giving that up for the world of video conferencing and then joining London Fire Brigade, she eventually started her own company where she now gets to personally and professionally guide speakers, authors, tree-shakers, and change-makers to grow their visions and their businesses beyond anything they imagined. With a solid love of learning, teaching, and writing, she now spends her time running workshops and holding space for people to progress at their pace, encouraging them to get brave and get going with a blend of love and kicking butt.

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